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Just an ordinary evening

Posted on: October 28, 2010

There are evenings when my house sounds ordinary, and it’s so special when it does. It’s an evening when Karl can get his homework done. I can catch up on email. And we can breathe.

We’re not finishing times tables at the kitchen table for the umpteeth time because that’s what it takes. We’re not listening to an increasingly-frustrated boy trying to remember the order of events in the story he just spent 30 minutes reading and now can’t recall because sometimes “autism scrambles my brain.”

After a week of IEP review and tutors and communication between the SpEd staff and home about how Chris doesn’t want to be in the 4th grade musical show and how he doesn’t talk about anything personal in his life except Scooby Doo during his social skills pull-out…bang head here :(…it’s so nice to listen to the sound of the boys tonight.

Chris is playing a new racing game on the PlayStation. He’s really good at it, and he has Luke cheering for him. That makes my heart sing. I can hear both of them participating in the moment. Chris yells about how fast he’s going, and Luke encourages him to keep going…then they laugh…wow. So this is what it’s like to have an ordinary evening. 😀

I want to take a mental picture of this moment because I know there will be tantrums and thrash tomorrow as Chris struggles to come up with a couple of paragraphs for his reading journal.

But for tonight, I get to hear my boys having fun…together…my entie and my autie, just acting like brothers.

4 Responses to "Just an ordinary evening"

I met you at Beau Jo’s tonight and read some of your columns and loved it. Also, I did play some rock, paper, and scissors with your son and the others at the table tonight. Didn’t know what I was doing, but did it any way.

Right now, my big cat Vivir is looking at me. Quiero, my smaller cat is on another chair.

I enjoyed meeting you and your family tonight!

Xenia Grant

Hi Xenia: it was great meeting you! Thank you for sharing pictures of your cats! Come back and visit the blog anytime, and if you would like to contribute your insights, feel free to send along to me!

Quiero and Vivir say thanks! Also meow to your meows.

I love those ordinary evenings, too. As with you, my heart sings when I hear my boys playing — building, reading, imagining — together. Way more valuable than homework, I sometimes think.

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