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Socially Speaking…

Posted on: January 31, 2011

My original idea for this post that I named two weeks ago got reframed in the last few days.  I got a call last week, from Ian’s speech therapist at school.  She always starts voice mails with ‘Everything’s okay!  Just wanted to talk to you about an opportunity for a peer study.  Please call when you can.”  Unfortunately, I was in a two-day meeting.  As always, thank heavens for email.  Sent a note on one of my breaks letting her know I couldn’t chat during school hours that day but that I was able to come by the school the next morning. 

Walking into school I ran into his teacher who had line duty.  She’d asked if I’d talked to his speech therapist about the peer study.  That she’s excited about it if we decide to do it. 

After his diagnosis, one of the first things we did was get Ian in a playgroup run by a psychologist and an occupational therapist.  It was instrumental in helping both Scott and I understand some of Ian’s behavior and triggers.  We eventually pulled him out when his schedule got to be too much for us – before we hired our after-school help. 

We had Ian and Alexa in a great summer camp last summer that was for socially awkward kids – literally teaching them how to play, how to sit at a lunch table and have conversations, how to brainstorm in a group just to name a few.  It was a stupendous experience.  His teachers and everyone who worked with him last year commented on how much he changed over the summer.  We’re definitely signing them up again this summer.

Ian has had a few friends over…as I write that sentence it seems true, yet not.  Because we work. Because our school has no student directory.  Because I only get to about half of the PTCO meetings…(and other excuses I’m not going to even bother to attempt to write) we’re horrible about ensuring Ian gets people over to the house.  It’s one of my red buttons if you can’t tell.  He’s got a great friend this year and he’s only been over a couple of times. 

But this was new avenue…a peer study.  I got the basics from the speech therapist.  Scott and I are intrigued enough that we’re going to go meet with the professor, teacher, speech therapist and school administration next week. 

 Ian, I promise that we’ll get a few more friends over for a get together in next couple of weeks. 

I will continue to post more here as we learn and progress through this.

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