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Not-so-fancy disclaimer: we are moms of autistic kids. We are not doctors, healthcare providers or otherwise professionals at autism. We’re moms. We found stuff that worked for our guys, but that doesn’t mean we recommend everybody try it because we can’t guarantee your results will be the same. We share, we hope, we brainstorm, we moderate. But we can’t accept responsibility for somebody else’s bad experience. Please don’t assume we know best just because something worked for us.

Tweet with us! Find Kate on Twitter @autiemomkate.

We are the Autism Wheel (it’s right here; you don’t have to reinvent it). We list resources we’ve found helpful for autism-related therapy, education and recreation. Our focus is on school-aged kids on the Spectrum, but we are interested in all aspects of development in the Spectrum, infant to adult. After all, we started our research when our guys were preschoolers, and sooner than we expect, they will be adults.

We want to be a starting place for newly-diagnosed auties and aspies and their loved ones, a tried and true jumping off point for seasoned veterans in Autism, and a gathering place for individuals to come and share their discoveries and good news.

Keep in mind that our success stories are anecdotal and probably won’t work for everybody. As ASC Executive Director Betty Lehman is fond of saying, “If you’ve met one person with autism, you’ve…met one person with autism.” Everybody with an ASD is a slightly different hue on the Spectrum that is autism. So there probably isn’t a single answer to the questions you may ask. But that’s OK. We share our anecdotes in hopes that something that worked for us will work for you. If it does: awesome! If it doesn’t: you’ll at least be able to cross one thing off your list.

It’s a daily journey. We’re happy to have you along with us for the ride.

Like most moms, I don't have an awesome snapshot of myself to toss in here, so I pulled my Yahoo Avatar. Yeehaw.

I’m Kate, Autie Mom. I have two wonderful boys, Christopher (11) on the Spectrum, and Luke (9) developing typically. When my son got his diagnosis, he was 6. My husband was the one pushing for a diagnosis. I didn’t want to see that there was anything different about Chris. I wanted him to be my perfect, beautiful little boy (one of the first takeaways I hope you get from this blog is that your child can be beautiful and perfect AND autistic at the same time). I finished freaking out and hit the web to try to find out everything I could about autism services in the State of Colorado. I looked for therapies, treatments, interventions, diet, vitamins, you name it. I’d been researching before the diagnosis (because parents know when something’s different about our kids versus most kids), but, if there’s a good thing that comes out of getting a diagnosis, it’s knowing how to aim your brain. It narrows the field from “something different” to a specific condition: autism.

Fortunately, I have a background in writing, so I’m pretty good at research, if I do say so, myself. My cohort fellow Autie Mom Julie and I have discovered some really good Colorado resources that we’d like to share with you. Nobody likes researching autism resources online, even the people that have to. It’s hard to find useful, local information, and once you’ve found some info, it’s hard to know what to do with it, whether it will help… We’re here to make that job a little easier because we were there, too. Contact me at or on Twitter @autiemomkate.

Julie had the same problem finding a pic.

Julie had the same problem finding a pic.

I’m Julie, Autie Mom with two awesome kids – Ian (boy)who’s about to turn 10 and Alexa(girl) who’s 6 going on 13.  Ian was diagnosed at the end of Kindergarten after the school sent behavior form after behavior form home.  We didn’t want a “label” of ADD, ADHD or whatever we were going to get by taking him to get tested.  We thought if you just put it in plain language of what you expected Ian to do, he would do it.  We were thrown when first and second evaluations came back with high functioning Autism.

My focus for first year and a half was school – FAPE, Special Education Law (Federal), IEPs and whatever services I could get for my child.  During evenings I researched diets, supplements, therapies…. trolled local and national bulletin boards.   BTW, did anyone tell you you’re going to learn a whole new language with lots of acronyms?

Kate was my lifeline…she was about a year ahead of me in getting diagnosed and in dealing with the schools and resources.  And she is awesome at research!  Now we keep each other sane, send websites, articles, events to each other all the time – when we realized all the stuff we were sharing was useful to many more families than just ours.


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