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Tell us your good news! Here at the Autism Wheel, we love to hear about it when things work!

  • iPads for nonverbal auties! The HollyRod Foundation is donating Apple iPads to kids with autism who are either nonverbal or have severe difficulty communicating. To receive an iPad, the family must meet income requirements. Software for the iPad will be purchased with a gift card from the foundation, and you must have a professional (speech pathologist, doctor, teacher) working with your child who is willing to take responsibility for the card. To apply, download and complete the application here: (“Holiday 2010 iPad Application” at the bottom of the page.) If clicking the link does not work, copy and paste the link into your browser’s address bar.
  • Vote for Jill Tappert! L’Oréal Paris will donate up to $25,000 to benefit one National Women Of Worth Honoree’s most cherished cause. The Autism Society of Colorado’s own Jill Tappert is being honored this year. With tireless dedication, Jill has been, and continues to be, an exceptionally strong and effective advocate for all Colorado families affected by an ASD. As a result of Jill’s leadership and public policy efforts, many made as a volunteer with the Autism Society of Colorado (ASC), more Coloradans affected by an ASD are able to access treatment. The Denver Autism Wheel sends its gratitude and congratulations to Jill. Vote for Jill to become L’Oreal’s National Women Of Worth Honoree! Click here to cast your vote!
  • Meaningful Employment for Individuals with Autism. Employment should take advantage of the individual’s strengths and abilities. Temple Grandin, Ph.D., suggests, “Jobs should have a well-defined goal or endpoint,” and that your “boss must recognize your social limitations.” For more information about different types of employment for individuals on the spectrum and tips on looking for employment, visit the Autism Society’s employment page.
  • Congratulations, Betty Lehman! Named one of the Outstanding Women in Business 2010 by the Denver Business Journal. Read here.
  • Congratulations, Temple Grandin! 15 Emmy nominations and 7 wins! We are so fortunate to have this advocate and hero in our own backyard. And she calls out her mom in this speech; personally, the first time I’ve seen Eustacia Cutler, another of my heroes: a mom who wouldn’t accept hopelessness and worked to find solutions for her child’s success, in a time when individuals with autism were usually institutionalized. Read more about Dr. Grandin at the Emmy’s here
  • Special Delivery!, in cooperation with the Autism Society of America, has put out a special edition devoted to the topic of Asperger’s in the classroom. Read here.
  • Sound Advice. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has launched a new audio series, entitled Sound Advice on Autism, which includes audio interviews with developmental and behavioral pediatricians, a pediatric neurologist, autism researchers and parents of children with autism. Listen here.
  • iPad and autism. This is a great article in San Francisco Weekly. It’s long, but very real. Read here.
  • Fighting for fair employment. On July 29, the Autism Society co-sponsored a briefing on Capitol Hill called “Promoting Employment First: Innovations in Policy and Practice to Achieve Integrated Employment with Livable Wages for Citizens with Significant Disabilities.” Really good news about AMC Entertainment setting a great example with inclusive employment! Read the article.
  • It’s back-to-school time! Here’s a survey from Autism Speaks. They would like to know how you’re preparing your autie for the coming year. It only takes a second. When I filled it out, I made sure to note that part of preparing Chris for the new year means setting expectations so he understands his responsibilities for his own education this year. It’s not just about the school reaching him. It’s also about him being willing to listen, learn and grow.
  • Autism Society of Colorado Executive Director (and one of our heroes) Betty Lehman speaks to Colorado Public Radio about health insurance, the high cost of autism treatment and early intervention as well as medical marijuana for autism. Listen here.
  • Dr. Temple Grandin delivers a brilliant TED talk about inclusion and professional mentorships for adult HFAs. This is what it’s all about! Watch here.

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